How to keep kids entertained during travel

Now you know, Travel Tips. Mom, are we there yet? Pack your patience girls, we are almost there. You know if you’re a mom like me you’ve probably heard that more than once. The first time it’s kind of cute. After 20 times, well you know.

So, today we’ve got smart and clever tips to keep the children busy while you are on that long road trip.

Print a map

Print a map from Google, color code the route with magic markers, high-lighting highways and stops you plan on making. Add a treasure map component and at certain points along the way are reached. Give a toy or snack for the discovery. So it’s great for teaching map skills and it’s fun too.

Let ’em read.

Books are a great source of fun entertainment and of course education.

Play doctor

You can also bring some bandaids and some alcohol prep pads, cause kids like to play doctor.


And of course, color. Kids love to color in the car. Most of all, have a great time. A road trip can be a real adventure, even with happy kids along the way.